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What features would you like to see in the Hestan Cue?

We're all excited to see the release of the Hestan Cue Smart Cooking System in the coming months, and it will be loaded with great recipes which make use of the smart cooking capabilities of the Cue. What other features would you like to see the Hestan Cue app have?

  • Keto recipes, get with Mark Sisson for all the details. Also, fix the paleo marked recipes. Your using canola oil (grain) and in some cases flour (grain). Both of which aren’t actual paleo.
  • Thanks for your feedback!

    The recipes within the "Paleo" category were not necessarily developed specifically for Paleo diets. Stated another way, after recipes are developed, they are placed into their relevant categories to which they are most closely aligned. However, in the paleo example provided, if someone would like to remain strictly aligned to paleo ingredients, substitution to a high-smoke point paleo-friendly oil would be okay. For example, grape see oil, avocado oil, or even coconut oil (though coconut might change the flavor of food).

  • How about the ability to mark recipes as favorites. Then add a favorites section to the app for easy reference later. Also, the ability to add personal notes to recipes, then store them in the cloud so they sync across devices. Store the favorites data there as well. Sean
  • Hi Sean!

    Those are all great ideas. I know that the three "favorites" ideas you mentioned have been brought up by others and are being actively considered for implementation in future versions of the app.

    The "personal notes" idea has also been mentioned, but less often. Your feedback has all been brought to the attention of the product management team. :)
    Thank you!

  • How is adding "Favorites" progressing? It has been a year since the last post I can find.  Also I would like to see the ability to print or have a shopping list feature, so I can choose my meals, have a shopping list created and even be able to export to any of the numerous shopping/delivery services.

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