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How to set up the Smart Probe and attach it to the bracket (latch)

Setting up the Smart Probe for smart cooking can be completed in 3 basic steps. 

  1. Insert the battery
  2. Add the probe to your Hestan Cue app profile
  3. Attach the bracket to the cookware and mount the probe

1. Insert the battery

To insert or replace the battery in the Smart Probe, first remove the battery cover from the probe using a coin or a standard (flathead) screwdriver. Insert a new CR2450 battery making sure the positive end of the battery faces out. Finally, screw the battery cover back in until it's fully seated.
Note: If the battery cover is not fully seated, water moisture may be able to penetrate the battery chamber and damage to the probe may occur

2. Add the Smart Probe to your Hestan Cue app profile

Start the Hestan Cue app, navigate to Profile/Settings, and tap on "Add Smart Accessories". The probe should show up as a detected device if the battery is installed correctly and if Bluetooth is enabled on your mobile device. Tap to select the probe on your screen and then tap "Next" to finish adding it to your Hestan Cue app profile. If a firmware update is available for the probe, please install it. Here's how: How do I update firmware?

3. Attach the bracket to the cookware and mount the probe

Make sure you are using induction compatible cookware before proceeding. 

Attach the probe bracket by sliding the narrow cleft portion to the side of the cookware you'll be using.
After the bracket has been attached to the cookware, mount the probe so that the metal portion of the probe slides through 2 holes to secure its position. Adjust the height and position of the probe so that it's not making contact with the cooking surface of your cookware.
CAUTION: Attaching the probe bracket may scratch the surface walls of the cookware. Please insert the bracket carefully and slowly so as to minimize possible scratching or damage to your cookware. Be especially mindful and careful if using non-stick cookware where the non-stick surface could potentially scrape off. We recommend using stainless steel cookware whenever possible as scratches are inconsequential when cooking with stainless steel.

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