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I can't download the app. Can you help?

The Hestan Cue app is required for all smart cooking and guided cooking functions to be enabled. 

If you don't know where to download the app, please refer to the following FAQ for help: Where can I download the Hestan Cue app? How can I update the app?

If you're not sure if your mobile device (phone or tablet) can support the Hestan Cue app, try: What mobile devices can I use (phone/tablet)? What are the app requirements?

If you simply can't download the app even when you're looking right at it in the app store:

  • You may be pressing your thumb too hard on the "home" button when “paying” for the (free) app. The home button on many Apple devices acts like a fingerprint reader. If you push too hard on it, it's not going to read your finger print correctly, so it won't properly complete the purchase process.
  • You may have poor internet service. Please ensure you have an active internet connection with full WiFi access before downloading the app. Contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP) for help in this regard. 
  • Your specific mobile device may not support the Hestan Cue app

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