Skip Forward

The skip-forward function is available at every step in the cooking process via the "next step" or "skip step" buttons. Simply hold down the button for 3 to 5 seconds to skip a step. The skip-forward function is useful for many reasons, but here are a few examples:

  • To skip a cooking step in the event you feel the food is "done" cooking and no longer needs to remain on active heat.
  • If you had previously exited the recipe and need to quickly skip forward to the last step you had been on.
  • To skip through the "sauce" preparation steps and quickly get to the "protein" cooking steps 

Fair Warning: you should not skip steps that the Hestan Cue app is guiding you through and which you have not completed since doing so will change the food's final outcome. Shortening a cooking step by skipping it prematurely will also change the intended cooking results.

Go back a step

The ability to "go back" a step is currently allowed in non-cooking steps. Press and hold the back arrow to go back a step. 

The goal was to allow people to safely "go back" to a food prep step (e.g. chop onions, etc) but not go back to a cooking step (and risk overcooking the food by repeating a cook step). In short, we want to minimize compromising the quality of your food.