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How do I clean Cue cooktops (clean the glass)?

When cooking is finished, ensure the Cue cooktop is clean before the next use. To clean the unit, make sure the power is off. If you are able to, unplug the power cord too. Allow the cooktop to cool down completely before proceeding. Wipe the glass cooking surface with a damp cloth or use a mild, non abrasive dish soap to make the damp cloth soapy. To clean a control panel, wipe with a soft, dry cloth. Do not use oven cleaners, abrasive products, scouring powders or pads which are not specifically designed for glass cooktops. Even then, make sure not to get any on the non-glass areas of the cooktop such as a plastic bezel or metal chasis. These cleaning products may leave scratches and damage the unit. 

In situations where there is caked on residue on the glass cooktop and the above suggestions aren't working out, it's also possible to use the Hestan Professional Grade Stainless Steel Cleaner in combination with a glass cooktop scraper blade to clean the glass. However, please be careful if you choose to do this as the blade can cause cuts and injury to yourself or others. Additionally, the cleaner may cause some scuffing to the plastic bezel parts of the Cue burner. Use this method at your own risk. 



After (Hestan cleaner with glass scraper blade):

Warning: Never immerse the cooktop unit, cord, or the plug into water or any other liquid. Never place the cooktop in an automatic dishwasher. Do not spray the outside of the unit with liquid or cleaning products. Liquid could enter the inside and cause a short circuit or electric shock.

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