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Hestan KICS series cooktop - Setup and pair with the Hestan Cue app

Setting up your Hestan KICS series cooktop with the Hestan Cue app is relatively simply. There are 2 methods to choose from:

First run setup (fresh installation of the Hestan Cue app):

When you first install the Hestan Cue app on your phone or tablet, you'll be asked to create an account (or log in). Then you'll be prompted to either "Setup your Cue" or "Browse Recipes". If you choose to "Setup your Cue" you'll be guided through the rest of the setup process. 

  1. Choose "Setup your Cue".

  2. Select your Hestan Cooktop and press "Next"

  3. Push the power button on the Hestan Cooktop, and then press "Next" on the app

  4. Press and hold the "pairing mode" button on the Hestan Cooktop until you hear 2 beeps and see the light blinking, then press "Next" on the app

  5. Your cooktop is now paired. Continue through the screens to setup your cookware (pan, pot, etc). 

Pre-installed app (setup via Profile):

If you already have the Hestan Cue app preinstalled on your mobile device, then you've already passed the "first run" setup as described above. Instead, you'll need to go into "Profile" to setup your cooktop:

  1. Open the Hestan Cue app, and then tap on the Profile icon located towards the bottom right corner.
  2. Within Profile, scroll down and tap on the "Add Cooktop" button.
  3. From there, follow the instructions as described above in the "First run setup" from step 2.
  4. Remember: after you setup your cooktop, make sure to tap on the "Add Cue cookware" to enable smart cooking.

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