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How does Cue work in conjunction with sous vide cooking?

The Hestan Cue app will include sous vide recipes for use in conjunction with a circulator such as Joule. In short, the Hestan Cue app will tell you which ingredients to use to prepare your meal (usually inserted into a food-safe zipper bag). The app then prompts you when to start cooking via the sous vide method (using your circulator), and finally, it tells you when to come back to finish making the meal with the Hestan Cue app to give your food a nice sear using Cue cookware. 

To make things even easier, there are at least 15 foolproof recipes that integrate directly with Joule. Each recipe includes precise searing, timing control, and step-by-step video guidance that can be combined with Cue’s delicious sauces. Simply install both the Hestan Cue *and* Joule apps to the latest versions available, and they'll automatically integrate with each other so that hand-ff between apps is near seamless.

Within the main recipes screen of the Hestan Cue app, scroll down a bit until you see the the "Getting Started" category, and then use your finger to slide the "tiles" over until you find the "sous vide" tile which will list all the SV recipes offered. From there, the app will tell you what to do.

Note: sous vide cooking is not possible without the use of a circulator (sold separately). 

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