Troubleshooting: Burner doesn't turn on. Burner doesn't pre-heat cookware/food. : Hestan Cue Culinary Support
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Troubleshooting: Burner doesn't turn on. Burner doesn't pre-heat cookware/food.

Problem: Burner does not automatically turn on at a pre-heating step when cooking a guided recipe, or via Control Mode. In other cases, physically pushing the "on" button may not always result in the burner powering on. 

Note: the issue of the burner turning itself OFF after going through the "prepare your burner" steps (pushing the Power + Next buttons) is a symptom of Generation 1 Cue cookware issues, and not the burner itself. 

In this case, the following FAQ may be helpful: There might be a problem with the capsule. How can I troubleshoot / fix the capsule?

Cause: There may be app software conflicts. The burner may not be plugged into a working outlet. Or the Hestan Cue devices (burner and cookware) requires a firmware update. Partial updates (even 99% done) will cause problems and will require a new (full) firmware update. 

Solution: If your Cue hardware has NEVER received a firmware update, or if the app is prompting you to do a firmware update, simply updating the firmware may resolve problems you're experiencing.

Using the latest version of the Hestan Cue app, tap on the "settings" icon (looks like gears), and make sure your burner and cookware are paired. Then, tap on the burner icon (which should be red to indicate it's detectable and ready), choose "update firmware" and finally "update" when prompted. The download will take a few minutes.

If the issue persists, try the full method described below:

  • Unplug the Hestan Cue burner (if it's plugged in)
  • Turn off Bluetooth within your phone/tablet settings
  • Delete the Cue app. If you are using an Android device, you'll need to clear the app "Cache" too (link: How to clear the app and Bluetooth "cache")
  • Turn off the phone/tablet completely, then turn it back on
  • Turn Bluetooth back on (if it's not already on after the reboot)
  • Plug in the Hestan Cue burner (but don't push the power button)
  • Reinstall the Cue app
  • Log into your Hestan Cue account within the app. If you forgot your password, use the password reset link in the app. 
  • SKIP the welcome videos and SKIP the automated setup process and choose to "browse recipes"
  • Go to settings (top left icon ) and remove whatever devices (pan/pot/burner) are currently listed under "My Devices". You may have to "remove" the same device several times. 
  • After all devices have been removed, add them back in. Tap on the "Add Cue Cookware" button and add your cookware manually. Then tap on the "Add Cooktop" button to add your cooktop manually.
  • If the settings screen indicates a firmware update is needed, please do so.  Tap on the icon of a device (ex. burner) and then choose to update firmware.
    • NOTE: Make sure your phone/tablet doesn't "fall asleep" (auto shut-off) during the firmware update process. If you see your screen start to dim, then you need to step in. Keep it "awake" by taping the screen in a safe (non-interactive) area of the app.
  • If the battery indicator shows a low battery in your cookware, please replace it with a fresh/new one.

At this point, you may wish to test the Cue by leaving the Settings screen, and navigating to Control Mode. If you can get your cookware hot by setting a temperature in Control Mode, your Cue is good to go. 

If you get stuck on the "searching for devices" screen or if problems persists, then you can try to update firmware:

You may also find the following FAQs useful:

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