Troubleshooting: Burner doesn't turn on. Burner doesn't pre-heat cookware/food. : Hestan Cue Culinary Support
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Troubleshooting: Burner doesn't turn on. Burner doesn't pre-heat cookware/food.

Problem: Burner does not automatically turn on at a pre-heating step when cooking a guided recipe, or via Control Mode. In other cases, physically pushing the "on" button may not always result in the burner powering on.


  1. The cooktop may not be plugged into a working outlet. 
  2. The Cue devices (cooktop and cookware) require a firmware update. Partial updates (even 99% done) will cause problems and will require a new (full) firmware update.
  3. Induction compatible cookware is not being used. 
  4. The cooktop is in an overheated state.


  1. Please ensure the cooktop is plugged into a working power outlet.
  2. If your Cue hardware has NEVER received a firmware update, or if the app is prompting you to do a firmware update, simply updating the firmware may resolve problems you're experiencing.
  3. Only induction compatible cookware can be used on Cue cooktops. Otherwise, no heat can be generated.
  4. If the cooktop is in an overheated state, please allow it to cool down. Then, unplug it from the power outlet, wait a few moments, and then plug it back in before trying to use it again.  

You may wish to test the Cue by navigating to Control Mode where. If you can get your cookware hot by setting a temperature in Control Mode, your Cue is good to go. 

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