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What is Hestan Cue?

Hestan Cue is a cooking system which leverages the power of technology to allow anyone to make amazing food, every time. Hundreds of Cue recipes are available via the Hestan Cue app which guide cooks through every step of the cooking process.

A Cue Cooking System consists of a Cue-enabled cooktop, Hestan Cue cookware, and the Hestan Cue app installed on a mobile device. Every Cue cookware piece has a built-in thermocouple which takes constant temperature readings of the cooking surface. These readings are transmitted via a Bluetooth module installed in the cookware. They are received by a mobile device with the Hestan Cue app installed. The Cue cooktop is also connected to the Hestan Cue app via Bluetooth to receive and transmit cooking instructions and cooking temperatures. The entire system works together seamlessly to provide consistent cooking results.

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