Can I use a lid on the pan? Are there tips on using a lid with Cue cookware? : Hestan Cue Culinary Support
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Can I use a lid on the pan? Are there tips on using a lid with Cue cookware?

The Hestan Cue 11" Fry Pan does not come with a lid and is not intended for use with a lid. Do not cover the pan with a lid as doing so will significantly change the cooking outcome of guided recipes. 

If you decide to use a lid from other cookware, please exercise caution. 

  • Steam: When removing lids or cooking with steam-vented lids, always position the lid so that the steam is directed away from you. Always use a potholder when adjusting lids with steam vents. Rising steam can cause burns.
  • Locking/Straining Lids: Do not use locking or straining lids with Hestan Cue cookware.
  • Lid Vacuum: Leaving a lid on a pan after turning down the heat or turning off the Cue-enabled cooktop may create a vacuum that causes the lid to seal to the pan. If a lid vacuum seal occurs, DO NOT attempt to remove the lid from pan in anyway. If your lid is vacuum-sealed to your pan, return it to the burner on low heat so that the air inside the pan gently warms and expands and releases the seal. The lid should lift effortlessly from the pan. To prevent a lid seal from recurring, remove the lid or set it ajar before turning heat off.

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