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Where is the perfect spot to use the Hestan Cue? Can I use it outside or while on the road?

The Hestan Cue Smart Cooking System is designed for indoor use only. Use in well ventilated kitchens suitable for food preparation.  Never use the system outside or in any moving vehicle such as an RV. 

Please observe the following when choose a location for the Cue System:

  • Place the Hestan Cue Smart Induction Burner on a stable and sturdy heat-tolerant countertop or similar flat and suitable surface. The surface must be level and the burner must be well-supported and balanced to ensure even cooking and to prevent danger from the burner and/or cookware tipping or sliding off and causing injury.
  • Do not operate the induction cooktop on any metal table or metal surface.

  • The Hestan Cue system works best in an environment with stable ambient temperatures. 

  • Ensure there is ample space around and above the unit for safe and unrestricted cooking. Do not block the ventilation slits surrounding the unit.

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