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Step 3: Your first Cue meal

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Now that you've finished setting up Cue hardware and software, it's time to cook your first meal! Simply tap on the "Home" button and start browsing the available recipes. 

  • The '"Crispy Skin Salmon" (in a Pumpkin seed and Apple Brown Butter sauce) is the perfect "first meal" to make. The fish will be flaky, moist, and tender while perfectly complimented by the fruity/nutty butter sauce. This recipe really shows off the Cue's muscle! 
  • If you want to start off with something quick and easy, try the "Fried Egg" or "Steak Fajitas."
  • For something new and exciting, try the "Chicken Cacciatore", "Chicken Satay" (with Thai peanut sauce), or the "Crispy Eggplant" (with tomato basil sauce).

Whichever recipe you choose, the Cue app will guide you through each step in the process! From showing you how to prepare your ingredients, to telling you how much longer you need to wait until your meat is marinated, to even controlling the cooking time and temperature of your pan!


  • Make sure you complete all the ingredient prep-steps along with the app. Don't do it after the pan gets hot (it will be too late for you to catch up!)
  • Remember to tap the "next step" button immediately after completing the current step to prevent overcooking.
  • Most recipes are cookware specific. Make sure you choose a recipe that's designed for the cookware you own (read: you may not be able to cook a "pot" recipe if you own a "pan").

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