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Step 1: Set up Cue hardware

It's quick and easy to set up Cue hardware! After unboxing everything, Lets take a few minutes to make sure the cooktop and cookware is powered and correctly positioned before moving on to the app side of things. 

Cue Cooktop (burner) set up:

  • Place the Cue burner on a sturdy surface which is heat-safe, induction-safe, and has plenty of ventilation. 
  • Plug in the Cue burner into a powered wall outlet. 
  • If you are using a Cue enabled cooktop range (such as from GE/Café, Hestan/KICS, or any other brand), please ensure it has been properly installed by a qualified electrician and follow the set up instructions that shipped with your specific cooktop. More details for GE cooktops are in Step 2 - Set up app software

Cue Cookware set up:

  • Remove the Bluetooth end cap from the cookware handle.
  • Insert a new alkaline AAA battery into your pan/cookware and re-insert the end cap.
    Tip: Make sure the positive end of the AAA battery is facing out/away from the cookware.
    Additional help: How do I change the battery in my Cue cookware?
  • Place the cookware on top of the cooktop or burner marked for Cue and make sure it's centered.

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