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GE Monogram cooktop (Setup and usage)

In order to use Precision Cooking or Guided cooking with Hestan Cue cookware and a GE Monogram cooktop, you'll need to COMPLETE the entire process listed below. 

Add Hestan Cue cookware on a GE Monogram cooktop:

On your Monogram cooktop (the physical stove... not the app):

  • First, ensure your Hestan Cue cookware has a good battery installed
  • Press the Bluetooth Connect pad on the cooktop --> The cooktop will enter Pair mode
  • While the Monogram cooktop is in Pair mode, tap on the Hestan Cue cookware handle for up to 60 seconds, or until the cooktop display reads "donE" (meaning it's successfully paired).
  • Note: If you're in pair mode and you're tapping on the Cue cookware and nothing seems to be happening, it's possible that the Cue cookware had previously been paired with the cooktop. Stated another way, "no response" from the cooktop may be normal if the cookware is already successfully paired. 

Add the GE Monogram (Cooktop) to the Hestan Cue app:

  • Open the Hestan Cue app on your smart device
  • Navigate to "Profile"
  • Tap on "add smart cooktop"
  • Scroll down to "Monogram cooktop"
  • You'll be asked to download the GE "SmartHQ" app and go through the setup process first (if you've already done this step, please proceed)
  • You'll be asked to  "link your account" (so that the GE app can link with the Hestan Cue app)
  • You'll be prompted to "sign into my smart HQ" (use the GE credentials) 
  • You'll be asked to choose your cooktop --> select Monogram --> then finish setup.
  • After adding the Monogram cooktop as a device, you'll also need to "Add Smart Cookware" (e.g. the pan) such that the pan and Monogram cooktop BOTH appear in the Hestan Cue app "Device" list.

Note: After this has completed, wait 10 seconds and the Monogram cooktop should be listed under "My Devices" in the Hestan Cue app. If it doesn't, please try running through the process a 2nd time and ensure no errors appear along the way.

You will now be able to use Guided Cooking recipes using the Hestan Cue app. 

Precision Cooking (without the Cue app)

Reminder: only the Front-left burner / element is compatible with "Guided cooking" using the Hestan Cue app. 

  1. Press the Power On/Off pad on the desired element
  2. Tap the "Precision Cooking" button / pad.
  3. The TAP COOKWARE legend will pulse. Activate Hestan Cue cookware by double tapping on the handle. Ensure cookware is on the correct element.
  4. "Precision Cooking Degrees" legend will turn on. Use slider or + and - pads to adjust temperature.
  5. Cooktop will display target temperature and Preheating. When Preheating legend disappears, target temperature has been reached.

Removing Bluetooth® Devices:

Tap and hold the "Bluetooth Connect" and "All Off" pads for 3 seconds. NOTE: Your unit cannot delete a single or specific device. All of your paired devices are cleared. Devices you wish to use must be paired again.

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