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How do I update firmware for my burner and cookware?

Update Hestan Cue firmware:
Before Hestan Cue cookware and cooktops can be used, they will require a "firmware update" via the Hestan Cue app.

  1. Open the Hestan Cue app, log in, and then tap on "Profile" (bottom right of the app.)
  2. Make sure your cooktop and cookware are paired first.
  3. Tap on the icon of the device you wish to update (e.g. the pan). Press the button labeled "Update Firmware". The download will take a few minutes to complete. If prompted to "pair," please allow.
    Tip: keep your mobile device "awake" during the update process. 
  4. Repeat for each Cue device, and then your Cue is ready to use! 

Note 1: The "Update Firmware" button is permanent. It will update the firmware every time you push the button. However, you only need to do it once.
Note 2: Cue-Enabled cooktops without the "Hestan Cue" designation (which are not manufactured by Hestan Smart Cooking) may have a different update process than described above. Please refer to the documentation included with the appliance for specific instructions.

Why is a firmware update needed?
A firmware update is necessary in order for Hestan Cue devices (burner, cookware, probe, etc.) to function properly. Firmware updates provide improvements to the functionality of your devices and can be acquired instantly and without cost, enhancing the experience when using them.

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