When setting up your Hestan Cue enabled full-range induction cooktop on the app, you may be be asked to "Choose Your Voltage". It's also possible to edit the voltage selection within the Device Details. Some Cue-Enabled cooktops may auto-detect the voltage and make a selection on your behalf. However, if you need to manually select a voltage, you'll need to choose between two options: 240 volts or 208 volts (aka: "three-phase power"). In either case: 



Hestan Cue enabled full-range induction cooktops require a high voltage in order to operate correctly. However, there's no single "standard" voltage that everyone uses. The voltage can vary based on a an number of factors, including the dwelling type and geographical location. In fact, there could be a variety of different voltage outputs within the same housing community or even within the same building, such as with offices, condos, and apartments.

With that in mind, it's important for you to verify the exact voltage leading into your specific dwelling for use with your induction cooktop. For safety reasons, we highly recommend having a professional electrician or electric company come out to your location and measure the voltage output at the main electrical panel with a meter. Then, keep a record of the findings. 

Choosing the correct voltage will ensure that food prepared using Hestan Cue "guided cooking" recipes will come out as our culinary team intended, and not overcooked or undercooked.