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What is induction cooking?

How induction cooking works

Inside a Cue-enabled induction cooktop resides a power-efficient electromagnetic coil. When the burner is powered on, a magnetic field is generated by the coil. However, no heat is felt until cookware is placed on the burner cooktop. The energy from the magnetic field is then transferred directly to the metal in the cookware causing it to become very hot. Only induction-cooking compatible cookware can be used with induction burners. 

Why it’s better

Because the energy generated by the induction burner is transferred directly to the cookware, there is little energy loss or heat that gets wasted. This makes cooking with induction very energy efficient, especially when compared with gas or electric cooktops. When combined with the Hestan Cue cooking app, you'll get temperature and recipe control which result in the best culinary experience at home. 

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