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Step 2: Set up app software

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The Hestan Cue app will bring everything together in one place. It will control the cooking time and the temperature of your cookware automatically, as well as guide you through each step of the cooking process. Perfect results, every time!

Before you begin:
Where can I download the Hestan Cue app?
What are the app requirements?
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Add Cue devices to app
If this is the first time using the Cue app, the app will guide you through the rest of the set up process automatically. Simply tap through the options until the end. Otherwise, tap on the "Profile" icon located towards the bottom right of the screen.

  • Tap on the "Add Smart Cookware" button to add a Cue pan, etc.
    • Your cookware will show up if detected. Tap to select the cookware, and then tap "Next".
      Note: If you are prompted to pair Bluetooth device, please allow.  
    • Your Cue cookware will now be listed under "My Devices" (you may need to scroll up).
    • A firmware update is required: Tap on the red cookware icon --> "Update Firmware" --> "Update" to confirm and begin. Follow the steps until it's completed and then go back to the Profile page. You only need to do this once, but if you tap "Update Firmware" again, the firmware will be re-installed again.

  • Tap on the "Add Smart Accessories" button to add a Smart Probe.
    • Tap to select the Smart Probe, and then tap "Next". 
    • A firmware update is required: Tap on the red probe icon --> "Update Firmware" --> "Update" to confirm and begin.

  • Tap on the "Add Smart Cooktop" button to add a Cue-enabled cooktop/range.
    • If your cooktop is automatically detected, tap to select it, then tap "Next". 
    • A firmware update is required: From the "Profile" page --> tap on the red cooktop icon --> "Update Firmware" --> "Update" to confirm and begin. Follow the steps until it's completed.
    • If you are using a Cue enabled cooktop which isn't automatically detected (such as a GE range), scroll down and choose the option for the cooktop you own. For example, tap the "Café Cooktop" option if you own a GE Café. Then follow the on-screen instructions. 

Additional instructions for GE users
(For Café / Profile / Monogram models)
After adding your GE cooktop and Cue cookware to your Hestan Cue profile and completing the firmware update, you will need to pair the Cue cookware directly to the physical GE appliance. Instructions change depending on your GE model.
- Drop-in Cooktop (no oven)
- Slide-in Cooktop (with oven)

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