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I can't pair my devices with the app (can't find Cue device)

Connection issues can be caused by a number of different reasons.

If you experience trouble adding/using Cue devices, try the following first:

If problems persist, try these tips next:

  • Be close to your Cue: Try to be within 2 feet (60cm) of your Cue system while pairing. 
  • Power the phone/tablet off and back on: This is usually done by holding the power button down for a few seconds.
  • Turn OFF airplane mode (to enable Bluetooth): iOS Help and Android Help
  • Turn Bluetooth off from other phones/tablets: Mobile devices can hold an old connection and cause problems
  • Android users: Ensure "location services" is enabled on your device.
  • You should not use your phone or tablet's "Bluetooth pairing" function within the OS settings screens to pair with Cue devices: pairing should only happen within the Cue app or connection issues may result.
  • Your device needs to be Bluetooth 4.0 LE compatible

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