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How to use precision cooking with a SLIDE-IN Café


You may use a Hestan Cue pan with a Café range to cook with precise temperatures and smart cooking functions. The steps below will allow you to use the cooktop dials to set your own temps and cook your own personal recipes, without an app! You can also use ANY burner on your cooktop when using the "precision cooking" function, and not just the front-left burner as you would when following a "guided" recipe using the Hestan Cue app. 

Before getting started:

Your Hestan Cue 11" fry pan should already be paired with the Café cooktop before you can cook using smart cooking functions. The Cue pan and Café should also be setup with your smart phone or tablet

To use the smart cooking functions of your Hestan Cue pan and/or app:

For Café models with knobs:
When using Precision Cooking, you can choose to use any burner you wish with your Hestan Cue cookware. Turn the appropriate knob for the burner you've chosen so that the "Precision Cooking" option is selected. The knob light should turn on and the front panel display will prompt you to activate your pan.

For Café models with Dispatcher LCD screen:
Select “Cooktop” on the LCD screen, Select “Start”, Press the Power Button on your smart burner (see tip), Select “Bluetooth Cookware/Probe” on the LCD screen, Double tap the handle of the cookware you would like to connect to your SmartHQ Cooktop. TIP: The smart burner for use with guided cooking is the front-left on most Cafe cooktops, except models with a "pop-up" sensor which use the back-left burner for guided cooking.

For all Café models, double tap on your Hestan Cue pan to activate. Make sure you're tapping with enough force so the pan feels it, but not so hard that the pan tips over. When activation is successful you'll see the following message on the display: "Use app or knob to set precision cooking temp."


You can turn the knob or use the slider on your Café range to set your desired temperature and cook your own home recipes without the Cue app.
TIP: When cooking your own recipes (not using the Hestan Cue app), the front panel will display the final target temperature and not the current/actual temperature of the pan. Once your desired temperature has been achieved, you'll hear an audible chime/ding.

When you are finished cooking, set the knob to the "off" position.

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