My Cue cookware got scratched while cooking! What do I do? : Hestan Cue Culinary Support
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My Cue cookware got scratched while cooking! What do I do?

Light scratches are normal and okay. 

Using metal utensils on stainless steel cookware (like a pan or a pot) will result in scratching. However, unlike non-stick cookware, a scratch on stainless steel will not affect the performance of the pan or cooking process in any meaningful way. In fact, the more you use and wash your cookware, the more scratching you'll see. We don't usually advocate using silicone, plastic, rubber, or wood utensils to prevent scratches as metal ones tend to be thinner and more solid which results in more precision, less breakage, and less damage to your food while it's being cooked. 

So instead or worrying, let’s welcome the new scratch with open arms and fanfare! 

Note 1: Although scratching is normal, we do advocate being as careful and gentle as possible to try and avoid scratching. :)

Note 2: It may be possible to even out some of the scratches by using a stainless steel cookware cleaner such as Hestan Professional Grade Stainless Steel Cleaner or Bar Keepers Friend®.

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