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What are the temperature limits of Hestan Cue cookware?

Some of the recipes in the Hestan Cue app preheat the pan prior to adding oil. We are often asked questions such as: is this safe? will this damage the cookware? Are there any overheating concerns? Are there any temperature limits I should be aware of?

Quick answer: Both stainless steel and non-stick pans are safe to at least 400F with nothing (not even oil) in them. This means the Cue app can "preheat" Cue cookware safely. Maximum cooking temperatures should not exceed 450F at any point (with food in the cookware). Below is the detailed answer.


Non-stick cookware limits: 

As noted above, Cue non-stick cookware is safe to 400F even without any food in it.  Do not exceed 450F even with food in the cookware or you may risk damaging the non-stick coating. At higher temperatures, the non-stick coating may start to flake, crack, or chip.  We recommend you discontinue using the cookware if this occurs. 

Stainless Steel cookware: 

As noted above, Cue stainless steel cookware is safe to around 400F. If you go past 420F, you will get discoloration on your stainless steel pan (the cookware will change color: it will have a golden hue) but it is still safe to use.  

You should NOT attempt this, but in the event you've left your Hestan Cue compatible cooktop unattended and it's pumping power at full blast, your Cue stainless steel cookware will get very hot (very quickly). The cookware may get to around 750F to 800F+ before the burner itself overheats and shuts off as a safety precaution. Your stainless steel pan will surely have a golden hue at that point (which cannot be reversed), but will otherwise be safe to use again after it cools down on it's own (do not pour water on a hot pan). 

Extremely negligente and dangerous case (never attempt): If any type of Cue cookware is used on a non-Cue compatible cooktop, such as a traditional gas range, and a "cook" leaves the cookware unattended or otherwise allows the cookware to get hot indefinitely, then the cookware can go past 1000F, the inner aluminum core will become molten (melted aluminum) and the outer stainless steel plates may warp and shift. There's major risk of personal injury, fire, permanent damage to your appliance,  and at that point the cookware will be destroyed and will no longer be usable. 


- if you are following a guided recipe within the Hestan Cue app, and you are timely with pushing "next step" when prompted, cooking will be safe (and fun) the whole way through!

- Cue cookware should never be used in the BBQ, grill, or oven at ANY temperature: the electronics will be damaged. 

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