Is it normal for food to stick to the bottom of cookware? : Hestan Cue Culinary Support
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Is it normal for food to stick to the bottom of cookware?

Yes and no. Cooking proteins which have been thoroughly dried, and are cooked on clean cookware, will result in little to no sticking. 

Sticking can happen for a number of reasons but isn't entirely related to the pan itself -- It's possible to get non-stick qualities from the stainless steel Cue cookware by getting it to the right temperature and adding the right type and amount of fats (like butter) at the right time. Remember that cue's guided recipes take care of that for you. However, since water/moisture typically causes sticking, and meats/proteins retain a lot of moisture, it's important to get your protein as dry as possible before it ever touches the cookware. Cue recipes will instruct you on how to dry foods, but in general, usually involve using several paper towels, a "brining" step, and/or some other drying procedure. 

Also, food residue and scorch marks left on cookware from previous cook sessions can also cause sticking. As such, please make sure your cookware is as clean as possible before starting a new recipe or a new batch. The following FAQ can be helpful to get your cookware clean: How do I wash, clean, and maintain stainless steel Cue cookware?

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