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Can I use Cast Iron cookware on Cue?

Yes, you can certainly use cast iron cookware on Cue-enabled cooktops. Cast iron cookware pieces are generally made from, well, IRON. As you may know, iron metal is highly reactive to magnets, and since magnetic energy is the driving force behind induction cooking, cast iron cookware will get very hot, very fast (read: it's super efficient)! We find that many people are not used to the speed and efficiency of induction cooking and carry on as they would normally cook when using traditional gas burners: a high-heat flame (fire) for a long time until the cast iron gets ripping hot. If you do this on an induction cooktop, the heat from the cast iron skillet will get so hot (because it is heating so much faster) so as to cause the burner itself to overheat and shut down (which is a built-in safety mechanism). This is true of all consumer induction cooktops: not just Cue. 

We've also observed that cast iron tends to be heavier and more coarse, which could potentially cause scratching/blemishes on your cooktop. Again: this is true of all consumer induction burners, not just Cue.

In any case, please exercise caution when cooking with cast iron cookware. Remember that the handle gets hot too, so use a pot holder.

As a reminder, "smart" cooking functions are only possible with Cue cookware + a Cue-enabled cooktop + the Hestan Cue app. To be clear, you could use cast iron cookware for traditional (aka: "dumb" cooking), but could not use it for any guided recipes in the Hestan Cue app or with "smart" cooking functions.

Recommendations for cooking with cast iron:

Since there are so many sizes and variations of cookware, we recommend starting out by setting your Cue-enabled cooktop to a middle power level (example: "medium" or "5") when preheating your cast iron cookware, wait 2 minutes, and then use an infra-red thermometer to take a temperature reading of the cookware. Then, adjust the power accordingly until you reach the desired temperature. For high-heat searing, we recommend a temperature range between 425F (218.3C) to 450F (232.2 C). We do not recommend letting the cookware get hotter than 500F (260 C) for more than a few minutes. If your Hestan Cue burner overheats, it may shut down as part of its built-in safety mechanism. You will need to unplug the burner, then plug it back in to "reset" it. Please allow the cooktop to "cool down" before you resume cooking.

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