Can I use a power voltage converter/transformer/adapter with Cue? (international use) : Hestan Cue Culinary Support
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Can I use a power voltage converter/transformer/adapter with Cue? (international use)

In general, we do not recommend using a voltage converter/transformer/adapter of any kind. However, if you are in a country with a different voltage offering than what your Hestan Cue cook top requires, you may consider using one at your own risk. In this case, you would need a "step up & down transformer" that can provide a CONSTANT power output of 1600 watts.
Typically, that means the transformer would be rated for 3000W so it can sustain the 1600W without issue. Please note that if you use a transformer that's underpowered, or if you use an incorrect voltage output, your Cue may experience issues such as: 

  • The cook top may not turn on at all, or promptly shut off
  • The cook top may shut off during a cook session as it draws more power than what's available
  • Other electrical issues and permanent damage may occur inside the cook top

Below is an example of a "step up & down transformer." They are typically about 26lbs (11.8Kgs) and look something like this: 

WARNING:  A "plug adapter" or "converter" is NOT a transformer. If you simply use a plug adapter without a step up & down transformer, you will risk permanent damage to the cooktop. Additionally, most adapters are NOT rated for high power devices such as the Hestan Cue, which requires up to 1600 watts. Damage to the Cue caused by the use of a power converter/adapter/step up & down transformer is not covered by any warranty.  

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