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Help with drop-in GE/Cafe WiFi Module (WiFi password)

The 30" or 36" drop-in induction Café cooktops may include a WiFi module. The WiFi module must be plugged in to enable smart cooking functions with the Hestan Cue app and/or the Café Appliance app. 

Before installing the module, we recommend recording the WiFi module password and network ID which should be printed on the backside (the magnetic side) of the device. You may also see a serial number and model number listed, but those are specific to the WiFi module. Do not confuse those with the model/serial of your Café cooktop which will likely be on a sticker on the bottom or side of your cooktop (but not on the WiFi module).

To install the WiFi module, simply plug in the connector into the matching port in your cooktop. 

  • An LED light on the WiFi module should turn on to indicate that it is receiving power. 
  • The LED light will remain solid once WiFi is set up. The light will blink if you're in the process of setting up WiFi. 
  • When your done, use the magnetic side of the module to stick it onto the metal chassis of the cooktop.


  • Ideally, the WiFi module should be plugged into the cooktop first, and then the cooktop should be powered up (read: throw the breaker switch ON after the WiFi module gets plugged into the cooktop). If the module and the cooktop get power at a different time (eg. cooktop is already getting power, and THEN the WiFi module gets plugged in), then that's when issues start to happen. The solution would be to flip the circuit breaker (powering the cooktop) to the OFF position, wait a minute, and then flip it back on. This will make it so that the cooktop and the module get power at the same time.

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