How do I set up Cue (add, edit, or remove a cooktop/cookware to my account)? : Hestan Cue Culinary Support
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How do I set up Cue (add, edit, or remove a cooktop/cookware to my account)?

You'll need to add a Cue enabled cooktop and Cue cookware to your account before you can use the Hestan Cue app to cook. 


  1. Start the Hestan Cue app on your mobile device and log into your account.
  2. Tap on the settings icon  located towards the top left of the "Recipes" screen.
  3. Tap on the "Add Cue Cookware" button to begin adding Hestan Cue cookware, such as a pan, to your account. You must tap and select the detected cookware (one at a time) and then tap "Next" to finish adding the selected cookware your account. Repeat for all cookware devices you wish to add. 
  4. Tap on the "Add Cooktop" button to add a Cue-Enabled cooktop to your account. All detected (powered) cooktops will be displayed for you to choose from. Tap "Next" and follow the prompts to finish adding the cooktop to your account. Note: You may only have 1 cooktop paired with your account at any given time. 

Additional Info: 

  • Cue devices must have up-to-date firmware before they can be used.
  • After adding the Cue devices, tap on the specific device icon to find additional options where you can rename, update firmware, or remove. "Edit a device" details are below.
  • Only one (1) of any given type of cookware can paired at a time. For example: you cannot have 2 pans paired, but you can have a pot and pan paired. 
  • Do not use your phone or tablet's "Bluetooth pairing" function within the OS settings screens to pair with Cue hardware. All pairing happens within the Hestan Cue app.


Rename, update firmware, or remove 

  1. Within the Cue app, tap on the "Settings" iconlocated toward the top left of the "Recipes" screen
  2. Tap on the icon of an existing device you'd like to edit.
    a. Tap "Name" to change the name of the specific device. For example, you could name your pan "Stainless Steel Stanley".
    b. Tap "Update Firmware" and then "Update" to install or update the software built into your device. This is required before Cue devices can be used. For detailed steps on the firmware update process, refer to the following FAQ: How do I update firmware for my burner and cookware?
    c. Tap "Remove Cookware" to remove and disassociate from your account

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