How to connect a Cue pan to a slide-in Café range/oven (30" induction) : Hestan Cue Culinary Support
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How to connect a Cue pan to a slide-in Café range/oven (30" induction)


It is necessary to pair a Hestan Cue pan with BOTH the Hestan Cue app and Café range before cooking. After the initial pairing process is completed, you would only need to complete the activation process with the Café Range when prompted by the app, which is typically when starting a "guided cooking" recipe. 

In either case, connecting your Hestan Cue pan to your Café range/oven can be done by following the steps below.

Note: The process for connecting Hestan Cue pan to a Café cooktop (drop in) will differ.


Your Hestan Cue pan should already be paired with the Hestan Cue app before pairing with the Café Range. This is typically completed the very first time you start the Hestan Cue app, after which point firmware is applied and you then get prompted to pair with a Café Range. If you haven't done so, or need to revisit that screen, simply navigate to the Hestan Cue "Profile" screen by tapping on the bottom right icon.
Then choose the "Add Cue Cookware" option and follow the steps until the app prompts you to pair with the Café Range. More info available here: Connecting the Café Appliances and Hestan Cue app together.
Once the above is completed, please proceed: 

  1. On the Café range front panel, press the "settings" button and then choose "Bluetooth" (option 3) then "add". The front panel display will start scanning for the Hestan Cue pan and the Bluetooth symbol will also start flashing. Here's an example of the panel, but yours may look different:

    If you own a model with the dispatcher LCD display, then:
    1. Select the Settings icon in the upper right corner of the LCD screen
    2. Select “Bluetooth” on the LCD screen
    3. Select “pair new device” on the LCD screen
    4. Double tap the handle of the cookware you would like to connect to your SmartHQ Cooktop
  2. Double tap the handle of the Hestan Cue pan to pair with the range.
    Tip: Only use your finger to tap, and tap hard enough so the pan can feel your tapping, but not so hard that your pan tips over. Feel free to double tap a few times "to make sure," if you wish.
    Note: It may take a few minutes after double tapping for pairing to complete.

  3. When successful, the front panel display will indicate that it is "paired" with the pan. The Bluetooth symbol will also be displayed on the front panel display. 

After pairing is complete, you can begin cooking with precision control. The following FAQ can help with that process: How to use precision cooking with a Cue pan

If after trying the process above, your pan does not seem to pair, please ensure you have a fresh battery installed in your Hestan Cue pan, and that it is properly installed. 

As a reminder, your Cue pan does require a firmware update before it can be paired with the Café range. Firmware is applied after choosing the "Add Cue Cookware" option within your Profile screen of the Hestan Cue app. 

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