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How to season a stainless steel pan

Our recipes are designed for use with the pan as-is (wash it first, of course) and don't need a seasoned pan.

We generally don't go out of our way to season our own pans when creating recipes, but we do a lot of cooking in them, including high temp cooking with canola oil, which in turn seasons the pan.

Seasoning the pan is not a necessary step but certainly wouldn't hurt. It might even help if the first things cooked were crispy skin fish or crepes (for example) but again, not essential.

At any rate, if you choose to season the pan, make sure the pan is clean before attempting to season. The best method would be to completely coat the bottom of the pan with a high heat oil like canola. Once coated, heat the pan to 400 F (204.4 C) and hold for 10 or so minutes. Discard the oil and wipe until clean. The pan should then be seasoned.

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