Connecting your Hestan Cue cookware to your Café Cooktop (induction) can be done by following the steps below:

  1. On the Café Cooktop, press and hold the "Precision Cooking" button for 3 seconds until the display reads "Add": 

  2. The Bluetooth symbol will start blinking:

  3. Tap the ^ carrot icon to initiate pairing mode:

  4. Double tap the handle of the Hestan Cue cookware you would like to connect to your Café Cooktop.

  5. When the Bluetooth icon stops blinking, the cookware has been added:

  6. If you have additional Hestan Cue cookware pieces to connect, we recommend you repeat these steps now to get them set up. 

If after trying the process above, your cookware does not seem to pair, please ensure you have a fresh battery installed in your Hestan Cue cookware, and that it is properly installed. 

Note: The process for connecting Hestan Cue cookware to a Café Range (includes oven) will differ from the steps described above.