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Café range/cooktop: help with "No Compatible Cooktops Connected" or "I don't see my cooktop"

You may use Hestan Cue cookware and the Hestan Cue app to enable smart cooking functions on your GE Café range or cooktop. The set up process must be completed before the functions are enabled. 

This FAQ will help with the following issues:

  1. A "No Compatible Cooktops Connected" error screen appears during the set up process:

  2. You are prompted to "Select Your Cooktop"  and you've selected the "I don't see my cooktop" option:

In either case, these issues can be caused for the following reasons:

  • You do not have a Café range or cooktop connected through the Café Appliances app  (iOS or Android). Please verify that the Café Appliances app is correctly installed, and then complete the set up process for your Café range/cooktop.
  • You tried using the Café Appliances app, but selected the wrong model number when prompted, so your cooktop has the wrong firmware installed. The workaround is to re-add the appliance in the Café Appliances app and enter the correct model number during the setup process. 

If the issue persists, verify that your cooktop or range is getting adequate power. If the electricity is turned off or interrupted, then you will not be able to connect or cook with it. 

The following FAQs may also be helpful:

- Connecting the Café Appliances and Hestan Cue app together

- What voltage do I select for my Cue enabled induction range or cooktop? 208V or 240V?

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