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Connecting the Café Appliances and Hestan Cue app together (help with "trouble authorizing your account" message)

Hestan Cue cookware can be used with a Café cooktop or range to enable smart cooking functions such as guided recipes and precision cooking. Below is the process to get started:

  • Download the Hestan Cue app  as well as the Café Appliances app  (iOS or Android) onto your mobile device. Begin with the Hestan Cue app, register, and go through the set up process to begin connecting your smart cooking system with the app.  Please "Add Cue cookware" first and then update the cookware firmware before you choose to "Add Cooktop" to begin setting up your Café appliance.
  • During the "Add Cooktop" setup process, you will get to a screen that prompts you to "Download and Connect" the Café Appliances app. Do so and then open that app and proceed through the Café Appliances registration and set up process.

  • Take note of your username and password used for the Café Appliances app as you'll need those credentials. You may also need to refer to the following FAQs to help with set up.
  • After you finish setting up your Café appliances using the Café Appliances app, navigate back to the Hestan Cue app and proceed to the next step which is to "Link your accounts".

  • Tap the "sign in" button and you'll be taken to a screen where you'll be prompted to enter your Café Appliances app credentials (username and password) which you created in a previous step. You must tap "Authorize" to link the accounts.

  • If successful, your Café appliance should now be paired and you can finalize the set up process within the Hestan Cue app. 


Trouble Authorizing Your Account

This screen may appear for the following reasons:

  • An incorrect username and/or password was used during the "Link your accounts" step. Please verify your credentials. Consider using the "Forgot your password?" function within the Café Appliances app  to set a new username and password. Then try linking the accounts again. 
  • The Café Appliances app account set up process was not totally completed. Did you accept the terms and conditions? Did you "authorize" the app to manage, view, and control your appliance, when prompted? Did you check for the "Verify Account" email from "GE Appliances" and complete that process? Did you add and set up your Café cooktop/range appliance within the Café Appliances app?
  • The Café cooktop/range is linked to multiple GE Appliances accounts (example: the Café Appliances app is installed on 2 different phones, each with different log in credentials).  In this scenario, you'd need to navigate to the Hestan Cue app, tap "Settings", scroll down to "Linked accounts" and tap the “Disconnect” option for Café Appliances, and then scroll back up to tap the “Add Cooktop or Oven” button to go through the appliance set up again. Remember to link the same GE account to all Hestan Cue app accounts being used with your GE cooktop. Note: GE’s security protocol is such that an appliance can only be linked to one GE Appliances account. So one household should only have one GE Appliance account. If your household has multiple Hestan Cue app accounts, that is okay. However, each Hestan Cue user account would need to be linked to a single GE Appliance account.
  • The GE app/servers may be experiencing a temporary service disruption. Please wait until a resolution is in place and then try again later. 
  • Café range/cooktop: help with "No Compatible Cooktops Connected" or "I don't see my cooktop"

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