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Café Cooktop (induction): 30" or 36" drop-in − How to connect (pair) Cue cookware

It is necessary to pair Hestan Cue cookware with BOTH the Hestan Cue app and Café Cooktop before cooking. After the initial pairing process is completed, you would only need to complete the pairing process with the Café Cooktop when prompted by the app, which is typically when starting a "guided cooking" recipe. 

In either case, connecting your Hestan Cue cookware to your Café Cooktop (induction) can be done by following the steps below.

Note: The process for connecting Hestan Cue cookware to a slide-in Café Range (with oven) will differ.


Your Hestan Cue cookware should already be paired with the Hestan Cue app before pairing with the Café Cooktop. This is typically completed the very first time you start the Hestan Cue app, after which point you get prompted to pair with a Café Cooktop. If you haven't done so, or need to revisit that screen, simply navigate to the Hestan Cue "settings" screen by tapping on the gear icon:
Then choose the "Add Cue Hardware" option and follow the steps until the app prompts you to pair with the Café Cooktop.

  1. On the Café Cooktop, press and hold the "Precision Cooking" button for 3 seconds until the display reads "Add": 

  2. Tap the ^ caret icon to initiate pairing mode:
  3. The Bluetooth symbol will start blinking (let it flash a few times before moving to step 4):
  4. Double tap the handle of the Hestan Cue cookware.
    Tip: Only use your finger to tap, and tap hard enough so you can hear the tapping sounds clearly. Feel free to double tap a few times "to make sure," if you wish.
    Note: It may take a few minutes after double tapping for pairing to complete.

  5. When the Bluetooth icon stops blinking, the cookware has been added:

  6. If you have any additional Hestan Cue cookware pieces to connect, we recommend you repeat the steps above now to get them all set up. 

After completing the steps above, you are ready to begin cooking. Refer to the following FAQ for next steps:  Café Cooktop (induction): 30" or 36" drop-in − How to use precision cooking with Cue cookware


  • If after trying the process above, your cookware does not seem to pair, please ensure you have a fresh battery installed in your Hestan Cue cookware, and that it is properly installed. 
  • As a reminder, your Cue cookware does require a firmware update before it can be paired with the Café Cooktop. Firmware is applied after choosing the "Add Cue Hardware" option within Settings of the Hestan Cue app.
  • If the problem persists, please note the following: The cooktops come with the WiFi module separate from the cooktop, unplugged. Ideally, the WiFi module should be plugged into the cooktop first, and then the cooktop should be powered up (read: throw the breaker switch ON after the WiFi module gets plugged into the cooktop). If the module and the cooktop get power at a different time (eg. cooktop is already getting power, and THEN the WiFi module gets plugged in), then that's when issues start to happen. The solution would be to flip the circuit breaker (powering the cooktop) to the OFF position, wait a minute, and then flip it back on. This will make it so that the cooktop and the module get power at the same time. NOTE: the next firmware update to the cooktop should resolve the issue.   

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