Typically, when Bluetooth is enabled and your Hestan Cue devices are powered, they will automatically be added to your Hestan Cue account during the first-run experience in the app.

Any other time, devices can be manually added by following the instructions in the FAQ called: How do I add, edit, or remove cookware/devices in my account?

To be clear, you should never use your phone or tablet's "Bluetooth pairing" function within the OS settings screens to pair with Cue cookware: pairing only happens within the app. 

If you are getting a "can't find device" or "not detected" type of error, please review the following FAQ first: App can't find Cue device. Why? What do I do?

However, if you continue to experience trouble adding/using devices, continue reading through the following points:

  • Everything needs power
    Make sure a new battery is properly installed and your capsule is inserted correctly. Also verify that your Hestan Cue burner is plugged into a dedicated power outlet. Finally, make sure your phone/tablet has a charge of more than 20% battery life.

  • Be close to your Cue
    Try to be within 5 feet (1.5m) of your Cue system while pairing. Bluetooth is a short-range wireless technology, after all.

  • Your device needs to be Bluetooth 4.0 LE compatible
    iOS: Check the system requirements page.
    Android: Download "BLE Checker" app to determine hardware compatibility (note: 3rd party app)

  • Make sure Bluetooth is actually turned on (on your phone/tablet)
    Each device is different and you should look at the instructions for your specific phone or tablet. Some devices have a physical toggle/button that needs to be pressed to enable Bluetooth.
    iOS: How to enable Bluetooth
    Android: How to enable Bluetooth

  • Turn OFF airplane mode (to enable Bluetooth)
    iOS: How to toggle airplane mode
    Android: How to toggle airplane mode

  • Power the phone/tablet off and back on
    Hold the power button down for a few seconds. When prompted, choose to shut down/power off. Then, turn it back on.

  • Turn Bluetooth off from other nearby phones/tablets
    Sometimes, a device may be paired with another phone or tablet which prevents it from being used on the one you want to use. Turning off Bluetooth (temporarily) resolves this.