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Troubleshooting: No sound coming from my device / can't hear the videos

Issue: There is no sound from device when using the Hestan Cue app. Videos don't play any sound, and there's no auditory "ding" when a cooking step is completed.

Cause: Sound is disabled on the mobile device, the volume is turned down, and/or the device is muted. To be clear, the "no sound" problem is almost always caused by your mobile device (not the Hestan Cue app).


  • iOS: Most Apple iPhone and iPad devices have a switch that toggles the audio “ON” or "OFF". The switch is usually on the side of the device. Please toggle it to the ON position. Also, make sure the volume is turned up and that the "control center" mute option is NOT enabled via the "bell" icon (see images below)


  • Android: Press the volume up buttons located on the side of the device as indicated by the picture below: 

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