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What is Control Mode (app assisted temperature control)?

Want precise temperature control without a guided recipe? Control mode lets you choose your own temperature, giving you the freedom to cook the way you want while still making use of the Cue's smart cooking technology.

Temperature Control Mode

Once Cue cookware is connected, use the app to swipe to the left on the temperature bar to raise and set your preferred target temp. Swipe right to lower your preferred target temp. The Hestan Cue will remain constant at the target temperature until you decide to change it. At any point you can tap the "off" button which will turn off power. You can also set a timer by tapping the gray bar at the bottom of the screen. 

A Note about using Temperature Control Mode with the 5.5qt Chef's Pot

When using the Cue Chef's Pot in Control Mode, we recommend using "temperature mode" for sautéing and searing. This is because the temperature is measured at the base of the pot. For braises, soups, and other liquid-based cooking, we recommend switching to "power mode" as the temperature at the top of a pot full of liquid can vary considerably from the temperature at the bottom of the pot (where the sensor is). 

Power Control Mode

Tapping on the "Power" tab allows cooking using the in-app Power control bar. Choosing a power level setting between Low and 10 will affect the temperature of your cookware accordingly. Power applied will be continuous and the temperature will continue to rise indefinitely, similar to using a traditional fire-based cook range. 

You can also set a timer by tapping the gray bar at the bottom of the screen. 

Important: If you touch the Power control bar on the physical induction burner while cooking with the app, the burner will move into Offline mode and the Hestan Cue app will no longer be in control of the burner. In order to move the control back to the Hestan Cue App, you must choose the option to continue cooking when prompted, then press the Power button and the Next button when prompted by the app.

Note: You can test Cue cookware by using "control mode" in the app without using actual food:

  1. Start the app and sign in (if you haven't already). Make sure all your devices are paired and have the latest firmware updates.
  2. Tap the "Control Mode" icon located on the bottom right of the navigation bar. Place Hestan Cue cookware on the burner. 
  3. Within "Control Mode," slide the app controls to 400F (204.4C). Be careful as cookware will get very hot (don't burn yourself). 
  4. Let the cookware heat to 400F (204.4C) for 20 minutes. The temperature should fluctuate just around 400F (204.4C) by a few degrees after reaching this target. If you observe the in-app readings to be significantly under or over 400F (204.4C), get an error or an app crash, please reach out to support.

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