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Can I use the Hestan Cue to cook frozen food straight out of the freezer?

No. When cooking on the Cue system, fresh food should always be used to ensure the best cooking results. However, if only frozen ingredients can be found, then they'll need to be fully thawed before cooking begins. Using frozen (or even "previously frozen") ingredients may impact the final outcome of your recipe. 

To thaw protein (a piece of meat), we recommend you place it in a plastic bag (like a zip-lock), and then submerge it in a container with cold water. Try to maintain the water in the container at about 38-40 F (3.3C - 4.4C) for optimal defrosting. You may need to change the water out or even have a slow stream of water on your container to help maintain the temperature. Additionally, you may consider placing the protein in your fridge overnight to continue defrosting.

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