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Are there oven recipes in the app? How do I find oven recipes?

There are a number of recipes in the Hestan Cue app that make use of a traditional oven. 

Some will require that you own a Cue-enabled cooktop and Cue cookware as part of the recipe preparation process. For example, the Apple Pie recipe requires a Cue-enabled cooktop and Hestan Cue cookware to prepare the filling, and then an oven to finish baking the pie.  

There are also many recipes that do not make use of Hestan Cue hardware at all: an oven is all that's needed to bake the food. You'll still benefit from the familiar Hestan Cue step-by-step guided cooking and videos to simplify the cooking process: we help you every step of the way!

Here's how: 

Within the "recipes" section (the main screen), scroll to the "Getting Started" category and tap on the "oven" recipe collection. A full list of available oven recipes will be displayed. 

Note: Oven recipes WITHOUT Hestan Cue cookware icons (such as a pan or pot) do not require the use of a Hestan Cue system to cook. All other recipes require a Cue system. 

TIP: When cooking oven recipes, please ensure the "convection" function is disabled unless the recipe specifically asks you to turn it on. Otherwise, the food may turn out overcooked. 

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