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What does the "Chef Tips" button do? Are there recommended temperatures available for cooking my own recipes?

Control Mode serves as a way to let you make your own favorite recipes while making full use of Cue's smart cooking technology. More info on Control Mode can be found here: 

What is Control Mode (app assisted temperature control)?

Those who use Control Mode with some frequency often ask us what the "right" temperature is to cook certain foods. After all, cookbooks and online recipes tend to use vague terms like "medium-high heat" which doesn't provide a consistent result. With that in mind, our team of chefs and culinary scientists created a temperature chart and put a numeric temperature to those terms. It reveals the ideal temperature settings for everything from seared scallops (425°F) to fluffy scrambled eggs (325°F). From now on you’ll know exactly what temperature to use for cooking everything you ever wanted to cook in a pan. Remember: you're in Control Mode, so you'll need to decide what temperature works best for you (and set the temperature yourself!) 

You can view the chart by tapping on the "Chef Tips" button within Control Mode of the Hestan Cue app. You must have a Cue system paired to your account in order to do this. It's also possible to view and/or print out a (high-rez) copy of the chart by navigating to the following URL:

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