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I can't pair my devices with the app / Bluetooth troubleshooting

Typically, when Bluetooth is enabled and your Hestan Cue devices are powered, they will automatically be added to your Hestan Cue account during the first-run experience in the app.

Any other time, devices can be manually added by following the instructions in the FAQ called: How do I add, edit, or remove cookware/devices in my account?

To be clear, you should never use your phone or tablet's "Bluetooth pairing" function within the OS settings screens to pair with Cue cookware: pairing only happens within the app unless otherwise noted for a specific Cue device. 

If you are getting a "can't find device" or "not detected" type of error, please review the following FAQ first: App can't find Cue device. Why? What do I do?

However, if you continue to experience trouble adding/using devices, continue reading through the following points:

  • Everything needs power
    Make sure a new battery is properly installed and your capsule is inserted correctly. Also verify that your Hestan Cue burner is plugged into a dedicated power outlet. Finally, make sure your phone/tablet has a charge of more than 20% battery life.

  • Be close to your Cue
    Try to be within 5 feet (1.5m) of your Cue system while pairing. Bluetooth is a short-range wireless technology, after all.

  • Your device needs to be Bluetooth 4.0 LE compatible
    iOS: Check the system requirements page.
    Android: Download "BLE Checker" app to determine hardware compatibility (note: 3rd party app)

  • Make sure Bluetooth is actually turned on (on your phone/tablet)
    Each device is different and you should look at the instructions for your specific phone or tablet. Some devices have a physical toggle/button that needs to be pressed to enable Bluetooth.
    iOS: How to enable Bluetooth
    Android: How to enable Bluetooth

  • Turn OFF airplane mode (to enable Bluetooth)
    iOS: How to toggle airplane mode
    Android: How to toggle airplane mode

  • Power the phone/tablet off and back on
    Hold the power button down for a few seconds. When prompted, choose to shut down/power off. Then, turn it back on.

  • Turn Bluetooth off from other nearby phones/tablets
    Sometimes, a Cue device may be paired with another phone or tablet which prevents it from being used on the one you want to use. Turning off Bluetooth (temporarily) and closing out the Hestan Cue app on all other mobile devices resolves this.

Related FAQs:

- If the burner "turns off" on it's own, try: There might be a problem with the capsule. How can I troubleshoot / fix the capsule?

- If your burner doesn't turn on even when pushing the physical control buttons, try: Burner doesn't turn on. Burner doesn't pre-heat cookware/food.

- If you are getting a "can't find device" or "not detected" type of error, try: App can't find Cue device. Why? What do I do?

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