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Does the Cue detect what's happening in the cookware and make adjustments? (How does the Cue work?)

Not exactly. The Hestan Cue doesn’t “detect” what’s happening inside the pan. If using guided recipe functions, the Hestan Cue will use target temperatures and timings which have been vetted by our culinary staff. In order to be successful, this process is dependent on cooks putting in pre-measured ingredients at specific times and following directions as instructed by the app. For example, if making a steak, the Hestan Cue will first ask for a few inputs (ex. what cut of meat? How thick? What doneness?). Then, based on those inputs, it decides temperatures and timing of cooking events. There's also a "Control mode" where the Cue is hands-off and lets you cook your own home recipes via non-guided cooking

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