Suitable cookware

Hestan Cue cookware is always required when using guided cooking functionality on the Hestan Cue app. Hestan Cue cookware is also recommended for any general, non-guided cooking on the burner. It is possible to use most magnetic, flat-bottomed, induction-compatible cookware with the Hestan Cue Smart Induction Burner. Cookware with an 18/0 stainless steel base is suitable for induction cooking. If in doubt, check with your cookware manufacturer to determine if the cookware you are using is suitable for an induction cooktop. Cookware must have a base diameter between 5" (12cm) and 10½" (26cm). Do not use cast iron cookware even though it's induction compatible. 



Cookware with base diameter below 5"(12cm) or more than 10½" (26cm)

Cookware with “legs” or “feet”


Unbalanced cookware or cookware with a heavy handle


Cast iron cookware (do not use cast iron)


Cookware without a flat bottom

Aluminum, hard-anodized, bronze or copper unless it is specified that they are compatible with induction cooktops

Stainless steel, unless it is specified that it is compatible with induction cooktops