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Oranier be-cook series cooktops - How to prepare your burner during a cook session

The following information applies to Oranier be-cook series cooktops:

KFL 2094bc Umluft

KFL 2094bc Abluft

FLI 2088bc

FLI 2068bc

FLI 2038bc

When using an Oranier be-cook series cooktop with the Hestan Cue app and Hestan Cue cookware, guided cooking functions will be enabled. During a guided recipe cook session, you'll be prompted to "prepare your burner." 

Please note: the information below assumes that an Oranier be-cook series cooktop and Hestan Cue cookware has been paired within the Hestan Cue app. If not, the linked FAQ can help you do that first.

Here's how:

  1. Push the power button on the cooktop  

  2. Touch the (WiFi) Connectivity button on the cooktop  

  3. Touch the Power Slider for the burner you'll use  

After touching the power slider, the Hestan Cue app will "take over". 

This process must be completed before every cook session to prevent "accidental" cook sessions and maximize safety. 

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