Updated: 4/10/18 --> a new version of the app resolves this issue <1.1.9991 (1536)>

Definition: Batching is Hestan Cue's way of allowing you to make "more" of the same recipe without starting all over again. At the very beginning, you may be asked how many servings you'd like to prepare. For example, 1 batch may be good for "2 servings" so if you choose to make "4 servings" that would require 2 batches. During the actual cooking session, the app may also ask: "Would you like to make another batch?" which would also allow for multiple batches to be made mid-recipe. 

Problem: The "batching bug" affects any recipe that calls for cooking through multiple batches. The first batch will cook perfectly fine. However, subsequent batches will result in the burner not applying any heat to the cookware. It would appear as if your burner didn't work.

Cause: A bug within the Hestan Cue app will not send the proper instructions to the burner, resulting in the burner not applying heat correctly.

Solution: An updated version of the app was released 4/9/18 with a fix. Please download version 1.1.9991 (1536) or above of the app to resolve this issue. Previously, the workaround was to close and restart the recipe (not the app) and only cook 1 batch at a time. Skipping through the "prep-steps" is okay in order to quickly jump to the cooking steps.

We apologize for any inconvenience this caused.