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Troubleshooting: Error code 15 when doing a firmware update

Problem: App informs you that a firmware update is required. When you attempt to do so, an error code 15 appears. You are unable to continue cooking

Cause: Current versions of the app resolve the problem. In older versions, there's was an issue which triggered a false "firmware update required" message to appear.

Current work-around :

  • The latest app versions resolve the issue. Please update your app. If that's not an option, please read on:
  • By simply hard-closing the app, restarting the Hestan Cue app and then trying to cook again, the issue could be resolved. If the issue persists, please read on:
  • Start the Cue app, go to Profile (bottom right corner), tap on the relevant Cue cookware piece (ex. the pot), and choose to the option to "remove" it from your profile. Confirm removal. 
  • Once the cookware is removed, choose the "Add Cue cookware" button to add the cookware back into your profile.
  • Once complete, you should be able to cook as normal

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