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Troubleshooting: iOS - Cue hardware not connecting in recipes. Can't cook.

Problem: Cue doesn't get past "searching for devices" screen. Recipes say "coming soon". Can't cook on the Cue. 

Cause: Cue hardware is not associated correctly in the back-end


  • Navigate to "Settings" (the gears/cogs icon towards the top left of the main recipes screen). 
  • Tap on your cooktop (burner), choose to "remove device" and confirm removal. Repeat as many times as necessary if it's not removed the first time.
  • Repeat for all remaining cookware (pan/pot), and as many times as necessary. 
  • After everything is removed, add all Cue devices back into your account (cooktop/pan/pot) using the relevant buttons (Add cooktop/Add Cue cookware)

After doing this, you should be able to cook on the Cue as normal. 

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