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Troubleshooting: Screen stuck on "searching for your device" when using an iPad

Date: 11/29/18

Problem: The app gets stuck on "searching for your device" when you try to cook using certain models of an iPad

Cause: There's a known issue which affects certain iPad models that include a variant Bluetooth chipset that we do not currently support. 

Workaround: Until engineering fixes the issue, the workaround is to use a different mobile device such as a different model iPad, an iPhone, or an Android device.


The app will get stuck on the "searching for your device" screen when trying to cook because the app is trying to write a Bluetooth command into our burner via a connection between the iPad and the Hestan Cue burner. It fails and no error message gets generated, so the "searching for your device" screen persists. 

The failure occurs because we do not currently support the Bluetooth chipset used on some specific models of ipads. For example: 

iPad 4th Gen (Wi-Fi/Verizon & Sprint/GPS) --> MD522LL/A*

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