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How do I remove a stuck capsule from Cue cookware?

Generation 1 Hestan Cue cookware uses a Smart Capsule which gets seated within the cookware cavity of the handle. There may be occasions where you need to remove the capsule, but it is difficult to do so because the capsule may have gotten stuck. The suggestions below should help you remove the capsule successfully (and carefully). 

Removing a stuck capsule:

Caution: Do not remove capsule if cookware is hot to avoid burning yourself or other injury. Make sure cookware is empty (ex. of food, liquid, etc) before removing capsule to avoid accidental spills. 

  • Remove the capsule screw from the underside of the cookware. 
  • Lightly place the screw back into the screw cavity (but do not screw it back in)
  • Hold the cookware handle with your hand in such a way that you are slightly lifting the handle so as to avoid cracking or breaking the capsule glass when you apply downward pressure from above. 
  • Using a screw driver, carefully push down on the screw until the capsule pops out on the other side. Be careful: not to loose the screw. Do not put your hand (or other body part) directly under the screw driver so as to avoid injury if the screw driver slips.
  • If the screw does not sufficiently prop up the capsule, try inserting another long thin (but not sharp) metal object. For example: a thin Allen wrench (hex key), a small/mini/precision screw driver, or a strong unfolded paper clip. 
  • Remove the remaining portion of the capsule using your fingers. Do not use a knife or other object to "pry it out" as that might end up breaking the gasket/seal around the capsule. 

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