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App can't find Cue device. Why? What do I do?

When trying to use the Hestan Cue app to cook, you may occasionally get a "can't find burner/pan/pot/device" type of error. This error can be triggered for several reasons. Below is a list of solutions you can try on your own:

1. Cue devices need (electrical) power:

Issue reason: Dead battery in cookware or burner isn't plugged in.

Solution: Make sure your Cue cookware has a fresh new battery in the capsule (inserted correctly). Also,make sure your Cue enabled heat source (burner) is plugged in. Also, try unplugging it for 5 seconds, then plugging it back in. 

FAQs with more detail

- How do I replace/change the battery in the Smart Capsule?

- Why doesn't the power button work after I plug in the burner?

2. Cue devices not associated with your account:

Issue reason: Hestan Cue devices, such as a burner and cookware, need to be added to your account within the Hestan Cue app before you can start cooking.

Solution: Navigate to "Settings" and choose "Guided Setup" to have the app automatically detect and update your devices. You can also choose "Select Device" to manually add any missing device, 1 at a time. In some situations, you may need to go into "settings" and "remove" all the devices listed first, and then "add" them all back to your account.

FAQ with more detail: How do I add, edit, or remove cookware/devices in my account?

3. Outdated firmware:

Issue reason: Hestan Cue devices, such as a burner and cookware, need up-to-date firmware to operate correctly. 

Solution: Navigate to "Settings" and choose to "update firmware" for the burner and cookware after they've been added to your Cue profile.

FAQ with more detail: How do I update firmware for my burner and cookware?

4. Bluetooth issues:

Issue reason: Something within your device or the app may be causing Bluetooth functions to work incorrectly

Solution: Make sure your Cue cookware is physically on top of your Cue enabled heat source. You could also try quick things like restarting the Hestan Cue app by first hard-closing it, and then starting it up again. If still no, try restarting your phone or tablet (full power off, then on).

FAQ with more detail: Full Bluetooth troubleshooting tips. 

FOR ANDROID USERS: Clear your app and Bluetooth cache.

Tip: You should go into "control mode" and set a temperature to test the system before trying to cook with actual food. If the pan gets hot, you should be good to go!

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