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There might be a problem with the capsule. How can I troubleshoot / fix the capsule?

When properly installed, it is very unlikely that something would go wrong with the capsule. The capsule is designed to be low-maintenance and resistant to the strains of every-day cooking. However, if your cookware is not showing up, if your cooking session gets interrupted, or if you suspect there is a general capsule issue, please try the following:

  • Install a fresh battery into the capsule. Changing the battery may prove to be the simplest solution. A fresh AAA battery can last months with normal usage. Ensure the battery cap is properly installed by aligning the cap arrow with the unlock icon, then twisting to lock.

  • The wireless capsule that gets installed into the cookware may not be seated well. We recommend you remove the capsule, make sure there's no dust or debris which would interfere with the contacts, and then re-install the capsule so that it sits well. Do NOT install the capsule at an angle (read: don't use the shoe-horn method), but instead insert it straight down. Make sure that the capsule sits flush into the cookware, and that the screw goes all the way in (but don't overtighten).

  • The pins on the capsule are bent inwards with use, and may not be making good contact with the cookware contacts. If you have a flat head screw driver, you can try to pull the pins out a bit, and then re-seat the capsule. (This is NOT likely, but possible, so don't stress if you're not comfortable doing this). Do not break the pins.

Note: You can test the cookware by using "control mode" in the app without using actual food:

  1. Start the app and sign in (if you haven't already).
  2. Tap the "Control Mode" icon located on the bottom right of the navigation bar. Place Hestan Cue cookware on the burner. 
  3. Within "Control Mode," slide the app controls to 420F (215.5C). Be careful as cookware will get very hot (don't burn yourself). 
  4. Let the cookware heat to 420F (215.5C) for 18 minutes. The temperature should remain pretty consistently around 420F (215.5C) after reaching this peak. If you observe the in-app readings to be significantly under or over 420F (215.5C), or get an error alert, please contact support

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